Rating System

I’ve decided that to make things easier I’ll just go with the Goodreads system.

In the event you find yourself at a loss, here’s a detailed description:


“I didn’t like it.”- These are the books I’d definitely not NOT EVER recommend to anyone that I’d still want to be friends with. Like the ones where I felt like I was reading exam material… where you have to annotate.


“It was okay.”-  These are the merely bearable ones, but I wouldn’t read it again or recommend to my friends.


“I liked it.”- Average books that aren’t very good (like a 4) but weren’t bad either.


“It was pretty good.”- I’d recommend them to friends, and I’d read them again couple of times. I’d buy it on Kindle instead of borrowing a copy. I’d find good things to write in a review, but might have a little groaning to do.


“It was amazing.”- So insanely good that if I’d make every single one of my friends read it, advertise it to the world for free, talk about the characters like they’re real people, check the author’s website every two days and fantasize for a movie the moment the last book comes out. Really, the ones that blew my mind and I’d definitely want a hardcover copy and if possible sneak into a signing tour somewhere. Like, if i somehow got this on an ARC tour, I’d probably just “keep” the book… y’know?

So here it is. Courtesy of Goodreads 🙂

Love always,
The Permanent Monday


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