Vampire Academy vs. Twilight

Dear friends,

So now we’re approached that phase during book-to-movie adaptations where everyone starts comparing said adaptation to others, casting choices are getting slammed, and the peaceful remainder of the fandom is just excited for filming to begin.

The particular fandom that I’m currently checking daily is the Vampire Academy fandom (which if you didn’t know, is available on Facebook too, thanks to OVAM! and right now everyone is just spazzing about the first week of filming and talking about Dimitri’s hair.

Damn, if that was real….

But it’s so hilarious that every time I attempt at recruiting potential VA readers from my friends they freak out when they realize “its a vampire thing”, and then when I get them to read the first few chapters of VA they are totally hooked and soon we’re all acting like little spazzes.

I’ve realized I never really come up with an evidence loaded case for getting my buddies to read VA and I just kind of hover around them and do some serious cases of pouting. So when I came across this post by Christina Tenisha on movie pilot you’ll see why I was more than happy to share it with the world.

I absolutely love this, and if I had seen this earlier it would have saved me so much time!

Just a little sneak peak on her post:



“First of all, let me start by saying that I am both a Vampire Academy and aTwilight fan. But where I like Twilight, I love Vampire Academy and can never get enough of the world that author, Richelle Mead, has created.

Having said that, that means that I am obviously completely biased in anything VA (Vampire Academy) or Twilight related, but nevertheless Im going to go ahead and tell the world why VA is NOT the next Twilight.”

——————————————–Read the rest at————————————————–


Love always,
The Permanent Monday



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