Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely #5)

Rating: 3/5

“Send the messengers for the Faery Courts. This is the end.”

Dear friends,

So its been four books, two short stories and two manga (and multiple cases of “what’s going on?! Wait, let me re-read this” and this is it. A lot has happened since Wicked Lovely and I’ve been extremely impressed with the well-developed world Marr has created. The Celtic folklore cleverly woven into the story (Marr successfully added Celctic to my list of mythologies to geek about) and was so interesting that I kept wiki-ing characters on the way! Relationships between the court are complicated and has got a lot of depth, plus a lot of tension and drama has built up over the course of the series. The characters are desperately in need of a resolution to their stories. In short, Darkest Mercy had a lot to fill up.

This is a heartbreakingly hard review to read, especially since I’ve got all five installments of Wicked Lovely sitting on my “showcase” shelf (I don’t know if you guys have that but I have an anal case about keeping my books pretty) and I absolutely love the world created and the characters- I wish there was more of it! To me, that’s the best compliment a reader could ever give to a series. On the other hand, I’m still really, REALLY confused with some of the stuff that has happened here, and I’m highly unsatisfied with the tedious structure of the plot and the way things were conveniently tied up.

Basically, Darkest Mercy was such a waste of fantastic world-and-character building from Marr and I wish more had been done with it. It is is possibly the most anticlimax “last book” I’ve read, and it just really brought the whole series down. The three major problems I had with Darkest Mercy was the epic love triangle, the long-awaited battle with Bananach and the painfully confusing plot.

So, the epic love triangle (well, square, if you’re counting Donia) that made Twilight pale in comparison. Right, so through the whole of Wicked Lovely you’ve got Aislinn tearing her hair out between Seth and Keenan and so much tension has been built up that Marr’s got the readers deciphering potential emotional moves from every single line between Aislinn and the boys. After all this fuss, who would Aislinn pick? Seth? or Keenan? Well, no worries guys, because Keenan basically tells Aislinn to put a sock in it and gives her an ultimatum. There was little heartbreak and drama at the decision point and at the end of the line I was just like, “wow that’s it?”

On to the battle with Bananach. Okay, so they’re going to go to war- I mean it’s been obvious since Radiant Shadows… but that doesn’t mean the whole book has to be solely concentrated on it! And don’t misunderstand that for “oh, the whole book is action packed with battle scenes with Bananach”, because you’ll be awfully disappointed like me. Describing Darkest Mercy’s plot in one sentence would be: 20% character relationship complications, 5% fighting Bananach, 75% talking about fighting Bananach.

While you’re snoring checking out the extensive storyline, enjoy a fan made picture- courtesy of Sana-the-random from deviantART!

There’s too much of repetitive dialogue in different courts saying the same thing about the battle, trying to believe that Bananach can be killed, fuss with Far-Dorcha and way too little of actual action- which, by the way, is pretty hilarious because let me warn you, Aislinn fights with vines.

Well I never like the Summer Court anyways… #DarkCourt

The most disappointing problem with Darkest Mercy was the unresolved questions I was left with after I read the book. Most probably, it was resolved somewhere along the lines but I was just too confused to catch up. If you guys know the answers to some of these feel free to spread the love!

**************SPOILER ALERT!**************

1. What is the deal with the Shadow Court? From my perspective, they were kind of useless.

2. The balance with Sorcha and Niall. And how can Bananch just make her own court?

3. How Keenan did NOT notice the painfully obvious solution to the love triangle in the first place. I mean, he’s got such a convenient half of Winter that practically spells out D-o-n-i-a!

4. I’m around 70% sure about this one- does Niall know he loves Irial? And what is Leslie doing anyways…

**************END OF SPOILER **************

At the end of the series, I can still say that the fey world lit my imagination on fire every single book, but my respect for some of the characters has gone down a ton. I’m so sorry to see it end although the last book was an excruciating let down, and to me, was a bit of a waste of such an amazing world and character depth.

The only things I could say I was satisfied with was that Darkest Mercy starred a little of the Dark Court and The Hunt (but most of it was about the Summer Court) and I got to see a reasonable conclusion to the love square.

I’m probably part of the minority that thinks Darkest Mercy was painful to read as a Wicked Lovely fan since the Goodread ratings are the highest out of all the WL books, but I had high expectations for Darkest Mercy and the book just didn’t satisfy me.

This doesn’t make Wicked Lovely a bad series though, because I am still secretly in love with Iriall and want to join The Hunt. I am totally up for the WL movie!

Love always,
The Permanent Monday


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