Dear friends,

Word has it that the The Fault in Our Stars casting team is testing five actors for the role of our Gus this weekend! Interestingly, there seems to be some overlaps with the Divergent casting…

1.  Brenton Thwaites

originally tested for Four in Divergent, and although he lost to Theo James, I can totally see some stage chemistry between him and Shailene Woodley! I think he fits the role of Gus perfectly, but I didn’t even know I wanted him cast until I saw him… he’s got that cheeky sarcasm look we all know Gus has and he’s young enough to play as a 17 year old. Plus, he’s a pretty boy like Hazel describes him to be.

2. Nat Wolff

also starred in TFIOS director’s movie Stuck in Love as Rusty (coming this summer) which might give him an advantage, although he looks a little young for what Gus has been through…

3. Nick Robinson

starred in the ABC sitcom Melissa and Joey. Ahh too young, again!!

4. Noah Silver

starring in the ABC sitcom Melissa and Joey.

5. Ansel Elgort

currently has the role as Caleb in Divergent! He’s got a big advantage as he’s already working with Shailene Woodley on Divergent and they probably already have some kind of stage chemistry together from their time playing brother and sister on set. He is my second choice for Gus, as he also has that calm demeanor but he’ll also look believable when does the sarcastic parts.

Guess I’ll be having my fingers crossed all weekend. Don’t know ’bout you guys, but I’m all for Team Brenton!

Love always,
The Permanent Monday


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