Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson #1)

Rating: 4.5/5


Dear friends,

Well…damn. Patricia Briggs just kicked Urban Fantasy’s ass and handed it back to her on a silver platter.

It’s a little late to be hopping on the Mercy Thompson bandwagon, but I can clearly see why this series has such a huge fandom. The plot sucked me in from the start, although the vague blurb and the provocative cover had me a little skeptical.

My now intense relationship with Mercy Thompson was actually unexpected. Long story short, I ran into a review on the spin-off series, Alpha and Omega and got my cravings for a good quality kick-ass Urban Fantasy book re-triggered. After accidentally reading a quarter of the book on the Amazon sample, I decided an immediate deliver of Moon Called to my Kindle was absolutely called for, so here I am three days later, writing a hopefully un-fangirled review while a pile of unfinished coursework collects dust on my desk.

But that’s okay, I’ve got seven more Mercy Thompson installments to get me through until summer.

A few pages away from the beginning, I was instantly hooked on Mercy’s world of werewolves, vampires and fae, and especially the complicated relationships that she had. I don’t have much on Patricia Brigg’s background as an author, but that was definitely a brave move- dropping in relationships that had already been started so the reader doesn’t have to sit through boring introductions. As a result, the mystery of some relationships (what the hell is Mercy’s relationship with Adam anyways) and unexplained areas kept me on the edge of my seat. It’s like staying for the whole credits after a movie- you just wanna see if there’s more, like a sneak peak, or a blooper or ANYTHING.

However, I’m probably not the most reliable source to go to when it comes to werewolf books because in my opinion, they are by far the most awesome supernatural/shifter species. Dhampirs are cool too, but I’m definitely not Team Edward or anything, I’m more like Team James or Team Tyler’s Van. (Yes, quoting Jennifer L. Armentrout in the hopes of getting the next Covenant/Lux book faster) The werewolf hierarchy drives me crazy (in a good way) because there are so many creative versions out there on Alphas or the dominance game and every series I read gives me a whole new take on werewolves- and needless to say, Mercy’s wolfs did not disappoint.

I loved the addition of the Marrok (the pack at the top of the hierarchy that keeps all the other North American packs in line) and the Alpha, Bran’s, ESP quality that Mercy always made fun of. The plot itself was a kick, and I’m extremely satisfied with the mix of mystery and romance, not to mention the action that lined every single page. Funky and lovable (or in some cases SMOKING HOT) characters made the story world every bit as real and believable and added to the ‘family warmth’ of the cast.

1. Adam: The sort-of werewolf love interest (at the moment) is divorced and has a fifteen year old daughter

2. Samuel: The other sort-of werewolf love interest/ex is a doctor and is the Marrok’s son. Has complicating history with Mercy and also makes me want to break his patronizing neck at times.

3. Mercy herself: Is a native-american mix and a mechanic. NOT a high school girl!

4. Warren: A gay werewolf (which creates un-biased yet creative problems for werewolves that I would definitely not think of- but very realistic)

5. Stefan: A vampire who paints his van as the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

The diversity and such quirkiness of characters is something I haven’t seen in a very long time, and their familiarity with each other made me feel like I’d known them for a long time, even if I was just 3 chapters from the beginning. Like the sign Adam tapes to Mercy’s cat as her neighbor:


With romance and action in all the right places, reading Moon Called was basically a marathon running after Mercy at breakneck speed. The only thing I docked half a star off was for some areas that were confusing but was explained better towards the end of the book. And I was really confused with what was going on between Adam and Mercy at first but now I see where this is going…

There was never a dull moment in this book, and the dialogue was absolutely hilarious with Mercy’s priceless banter with the werewolves. Mercy’s narration was comical, and it made me fall right in with the pace of the book- I felt like I was a part of the world from the start, and Adam or Samuel were every bit her friends as well as mine.

See? Me and Mercy? We’re Ohana.

Mercy Thompson is trouble trouble trouble, and Moon Called was an amazing read that had me guessing till the very end. Plus, kudos to Patricia Briggs for being extremely inventive with the werewolves.

Mercy is every bit as kick-ass as the cover promises her to be.
How I see Mercy at the end of Moon Called:

Love always,
The Permanent Monday


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