Prodigy by Marie Lu

Rating: 5/5


Dear friends,

I wonder what Marie Lu is doing now. Is she recling in an armchair, smirking as she reads angry posts written by furious bloggers shipping June and Day on Goodreads? Or is she sadistically writing a princeps training scene between June and Anden, lighting the keyboard on fire with the sexual tension she’s ruthlessly putting in? Or is she PLANNING THE DEFENSE SHE WILL BE NEEDING AGAINST THE LEGEND FANDOM IF SHE DOES AWAY WITH DAY AND AND PUTS ANDEN WITH JUNE INSTEAD?

Because we are going to give her one hell of a riot if she does.

What Marie Lu probably did whilst writing the ending of Prodigy:

It sucks to write spoiler-free reviews because it’s been 168 hours, 64 minutes and 14 seconds (do I sound like June?) since I finished and I still feel like screaming at the top of my lungs, although I pity myself because I so should’ve seen it coming when Day started getting those GODDY headaches (yay do I sound like Day too?).

This time in Prodigy, things are heating between June and Day- although I wouldn’t say the romance becomes the center of attention- and there are scenes scattered throughout the book where it makes me love June even more. Yeah, like when Tess basically forces Day to tell her who he would save if they were both about to die, and Day tells her he would save her, but then casually adds on at the end “[…]because June wouldn’t need any saving.”

Oh what a blast. I’m probably just as sadistic as Marie Lu but I don’t even feel bad for Tess.

June can really shoulder her own crap.

When I read the blurb at first, I really wasn’t sure how Marie Lu was going to be able to handle double POVs from inside the Republic and then inside the Patriots, and I sincerely hoped to god that it would be as good as Legend, and if I was a good kid this Christmas, then maybe EVEN BETTER than Legend.

The plot proved not to be a disappointment, and I will gladly say that it kicked off so smoothly from where Legend ended on the train, and then she just kept piling action on so high that I didn’t even know I was halfway through the book.The plot was strategically paced, tight and then slow in all the right places, and recent additions to the Legend cast such as Razor and Pascao add a little more of individuality to the series that would separate it from all the other dystopian books. Kaede’s spunk had me snorting up milk most of the time, and brief flashbacks of Metias (and that thing with Thomas!!!!! oh-my-god-oh-my-god-oh-my-god-oh-my-god-oh-my-god-oh-my-god-) had me living through ups and downs with the June and  Day.

If you’re like me and you only have eyes for that deal guns and knives, fighting scenes in Prodigy do not disappoint. You would think that the pace would be slow because we have to hear the same scene on time from the Day’s POV and one time from June’s POV, but the plot is at absolute breakneck speed, and despite the speed, Marie Lu manages to make it believable.

Frankly, in the saturated market of dystopian, June and Day are not the most original characters, and there are some areas where I guess I could compare them with Katniss and Peeta, or Tris and Four. (I really don’t know why but Kaede is such a dead ringer for Tori from Divergent) But the romance, problems between June and Day- like June causing the death of Day’s mother, and deaths-I-was-so-not-expecting really kicked me hard in the guts, because I could so see this happening in the future or even now, unlike some of the other dystopian stuff I’ve read where it seems a little far-off. I’m proud to say Legend is one of my favorite Dystopian series.

In short, I tried so SO hard not to stay up and blow through the story (which is such  SUCH a dumbassery move because Champion’s not coming out until the world lands into the second Ice-Age and we finally receive mysterious electromagnetic waves from outer space like in Battleship– no I’m joking, but November 2013 could not come soon enough.) but reading this was like being strapped to this slide

and then not being allowed to pee on the way.

There was only one thing that I could possibly find fault with, was that I was (and still am) confused with Commander Jameson’s role in Prodigy, because she barely played a role.

But that’s just me being persnickety.

I don’t even see how there could be a continuation to Prodigy BUT IT BETTER HAVE ME GIVING BIRTH TO BABY WHALES BY THE END.

I would risk getting fried in a Voldemort-Harry Potter-style due to get an ARC of Champion.

Love always,
The Permanent Monday


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