Boundless by Cynthia Hand

Rating: 4.5/5

Dear friends,

First of all, I want to say that the ending to Unearthly was something I could’ve probably somewhat accepted if I wasn’t rooting for whichever Team I was rooting for.

And now I’ve realized I can’t really say how I feel about Boundless in an anti-spoiler review so here:


Scroll until the end of the stars at the speed of light to avoid spoilers.


Initially in Unearthly, I was a go for Team Tuck because Christian seemed like such a superficial moron, what with the Kay thing at prom, and the whole superstar hotness thing that made him seem so untouchable. Then in Hallowed, I was actually surprisingly torn between the cowboy and Chris, because:

a) Tucker is human, and he can’t stand glory. Which leads to my second point..

b) He can’t stand the glory.


c) Chris is Triplare… LIKE CLARA!

d) He can actually defend himself, and he makes Clara stronger.

Yeah, you kind of see where this is going. By the kiss scene in the cemetery, I had crossed to the dark side, and I was practically applauding Christian for making his move. ’bout time Prescott!

Which simultaneously leads to my revoking of the 5 stars I was originally going to give to Boundless.

Yes, I really hate that Christian didn’t end up with Clara because in my opinion, he was a much much better match, and he’s a Triplare too. FANCY THAT!

Plus, he’s like quarter (? excuse my math) Black Wing which makes him a little of a badass.

Another thing that kind of activated by bitch trigger was the ending- the part where Uriel comes to tie everything together. The only cool thing about that was the hint that he was possibly Clara’s grandfather, but the rest just made the ending feel kind of lazy. And then, the Tucker-and-Clara-gets-married epilogue really did not help the pain in my ass because not only was it not Christian (okay, fine I’m a little biased), but it was undeniably too perfect of an ending, what with the white picket fence and all.



WOOHOO YOU MADE IT. Spoiler’s over.

Book boyfriend troubles aside, Boundless was definitely the hit installment in the series, and as much as I was frantically fan-girling in the stands of  Team ___________ , the pace and action was wicked, and there were a few twists in the story I wasn’t expecting.

Plus, (referring to my distaste towards Angela from Radiant) Angela gets a fair share to deal with this book, and I’ve pretty much withdrawn everything I said about her, because I guess she’s not so bad, considering what she had to go through.

I loved every single heartbreaking moment of Boundless, (yes, even Samjeeza) and I have found, while trod ding through the barren territory of what seems to be considered YA Angel Fiction, that this is undoubtedly one of the best Angel series I’ve read, surpassing Hush, Hush or Fallen by miles.

I just wished Michael appeared more though, because I honestly wanted to hear a few back-in-the-day stories from the Smiter himself.

Love always,
The Permanent Monday




2 thoughts on “Boundless by Cynthia Hand

  1. I LOVED BOUNDLESS! I agree, the Unearthly series beats the ‘Fallen’ by MILESSS except I really loved the Hush Hush series, especially after ‘Finale.’

    • Hush, Hush was definitely better than Fallen especially with those twists (ahem VEE!) at the end of Finale…although Nora did drive me crazy a little 😛

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