Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Rating: 3.5/5


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Dear friends,
Have you guys ever seen the Arrow Roulette scene in The Grown Ups where they blindly shoot an arrow into the sun and then run away as fast as possible while waiting for the arrow to drop?

Well, this book was a little like that.
Except no one was shot in the foot at the end.

Despite multiple votes of confidence over at teacups&bookends, I’m sad to say Bloodlines wasn’t too impressive. It starts with Sydney getting woken up in the middle of the night to have an emergency Alchemist meeting, and then the rest of the book is about her mission protecting Jill at an elite boarding school in Palm Springs, and trying to solve an un-mysterious tattoo mystery.

To be fair, Rose graces the pages with her presence in the first 20% (sorry I speak in Kindle terms) of the book, and Sydney hits it up with Abe again. After that, you get to hear other characters, like say Adrian, talk about Rose and Dimitri, and then some about Lissa.

So for the next 60% it’s just really me getting pissed at Keith, wanting to strangle Jill, and feeling bad (and recalling and empathizing with Rose’s last words) to Adrian.

Until we get to around 80%, where things start getting interesting.

But back to the Grown Ups analogy. In the beginning I was mighty thrilled to see Rose and hear about what happened at court after the ending of Last Sacrifice (VA #6) where Lissa gets crowned. So that’s where they start shoot the arrow. Then, I read on for 10%+ and found myself stumbling about Micah’s possible (resurrection, anyone?) relation to Mason, and the deal with Sydney and Keith (and Keith’s eye). That’s where they look into the sun and realize they’ve lost the arrow. For the next 60% of the book I’m left to contemplate possible endings for the book because I had no idea where the plot was going. At one point I was wondering how could this be such a long book and was so shocked to see I was already past 70% of the book- WHEN’S THE ACTION COMING?! That’s where it’s just a whole of running from the arrow and one of them thinks they’ve won the game and successfully dodged the arrow. Sure, along the way there are some funny bits, like when Adrian is being Adrian (“these hands don’t do manual labor”) and that mini-golfing bit with the whole Keith-missing-one-eye reference, which I guess would be the part where one of the guys trip into some kind of animal dung. But it’s an awful lot of time until I get to the interesting part, around the Sydney-Laurel drama. Which is where the guy finally gets shot after thinking he’s won. The ending builds up for the next book, and I can see the plot getting better.

Fine. From the start I wasn’t particularly on board with the Sydrian thing (which still hasn’t happened yet in this installment of the series…I’ve only been hearing spoilers), or with the character combination… Jailbait, Eddie, Adrian, and Sydney (I really don’t like Alchemists). And this is where I gain my conflicting feelings about Bloodlines.

1. Original VA characters re-vamped! (no pun intended)



Oh yeah. That’s right. HATHAWAY IS BACK.
AND, from my understanding Dimitri should star quite a lot in the second book, The Golden Lily, so that’s definitely a plus for reading on.

Original VA world and cast starring aside, Richelle Mead just didn’t really nail it for me in Bloodlines.
Glad I read it though. My VA hangover is on the fast track to recovery.

Love always,
The Permanent Monday


6 thoughts on “Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

  1. I know, I know the first book wasn’t my favorite either! It was really slow and things really didn’t get super good for me until the third book. The second book is a little slow too. And you’re excited Dimitri is back but his comeback is not what I expected. I’m glad you read it though! I wish the first two books had been combined and we could just get to the good stuff in the third book.

  2. Ahhh no! I was hoping the second book would be much more action-packed than the first… and I was counting on Dimitri make the Golden Lily more interesting 😦 Is the third book back to normal VA pace then?

    • Ah just saw this! The third book has a lot more action in it. It also fills in a lot of missing information. Plus the romance is a lot better and a lot of the VA crew makes cameos. 🙂 I think IS definitely sealed the deal for me since I was wavering with the first two books.

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