9 from the 90’s

Dear friends,
I’ve started on Throwback Thursdays recently, which means I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on books I read when I was younger. Which brought be back to these books, the ones that basically shaped my childhood. And I just have to say, I feel really really bad for the 2000’s kids, who have so-so TV shows (Okay, what’s a legit Disney Channel without That’s So Raven or Lizzie McGuire?) and run-of-the-mill cartoons in their books. Fine. I’m sure there are some great books out there, but if you ask me, I could easily say that one thing I miss about the 90’s are those real-life drawings of princesses, or the watercolor ones that don’t look like they’ve come straight from a computer drawing software!
Check this out.
Noddy from the 90’s:Image

Noddy from the 2000’s:

So here they are: 9 books (from the many) that brought me up.

1. Stella Luna by Janell Cannon

2. The Paperbag Princess

3. Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon and Tony Ross

4. Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

5. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus PfisterImage

6. Dr. Seuss
7. Arthur by Marc Brown

8. Judy Blume
9. Enid Blyton


Love always,
The Permanent Monday


7 thoughts on “9 from the 90’s

  1. NODDY! OMG I completely forgot about that show! My sister used to force me to watch it with her when we were growing up! And Robert munch and Dr. Seuss are two authors from a very small group that I fall in love with over and over again once I open their books. Also, I agree with you, the kids today are just missing out. Almost every show on Disney is complete crap and very stupid. Great post!

    (Oh SNAP!)
    (Just had to do it.)

    • Hahaha love your That’s So Raven reference 😉 Took me a while to remember but I figured it out…
      A little while later they aired Cory in the House but it’s not even close to That’s So Raven!

  2. The Paper bag Princess was one of my absolute favourites. I think everyone in my favourite got so sick of it. I’d read it (and I’m not even sure I could read back then but my parents had read it to me so many times I knew it word for word) and recited it all the time.

    Enid Blyton was also a favourite of mine. The Faraway Tree was fantastic.

    • Yes! Don’t know if you’ve read The Paperbag Prince but it’s no where near as good as The Paper Bag Princess.

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