Elixir by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 3/5


Dear friends,

So here it is. Covenant 3.5..which means… more Armentrout. More Greek. MORE AIDEN.
Oh wow. A whole 80 pages in Aiden’s POV?


Well, at least Santa knows I’ve been a good kid lately.

Maybe it’s just me and my weirdness, but I really, really, really cannot stand .5 novels. The little ones that go in between and kind of just cut you off in the middle of the story because they need to keep it as a novella or the kind that after you read you felt like you didn’t read anything?

Yeah those.

Elixir…it was necessary, and it wasn’t.
Ugh. Conflicted feelings suck. And it breaks my heart to hate on a Jennifer Armentrout novel.


Elixir starts off with Alex being the total devil’s spawn, until Aiden finally realizes her pain and puts her on the Elixir. Then, it ends with Aiden warding the house and closing off his only ally.



Enter Alex on the Elixir.
It’s..so..heartbreaking. First you see her kickass in Half-Blood, Pure and Deity, then you see her all Snow-White-like during Elixir.

For the love of holy daimon babies everywhere.


This time, I think Elixir was a little bit of a filler.. too much time was spent on Alex getting to know Aiden (yeah, AGAIN) and picking flowers in the garden or something. Even Aiden couldn’t keep me awake.

She could have cut a lot out and just put the rest in Apollyon, but I guess she needed to explain what happened with Seth possessing Alex and Aiden’s POV popping out of Apollyon would be a little weird.

I’m pretty disappointed with Elixir, to be honest. The ending with Deity was done really well, and Elixir as a little of an anti-climax- I wasn’t even excited when it ended.

It was nice looking into Aiden’s mind though. And the part where they talk about how they first met.
Now that was interesting.

I’M STILL GOING TO READ APOLLYON THOUGH. My love for Alex and Aiden runs too deep to let them go now. Plus, I really want to see Lucian’s hairy ass kicked.

Thank the gods I only have to wait three months.

Love always,
The Permanent Monday


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