The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

My rating: 4/5

Dear friends,

I’ll try to say this in the most eloquent way possible.


The Mark of Athena is the big bang. Wow, that was short. My speech ability had been pretty much reduced to deranged ramblings after I was basically left hanging on the edge of sanity at the end of the book.

Seriously though, Rick Riordan’s totally upped his game.

First you’ve got the Argo II landing on Roman Camp soil.

Then you’ve got the long awaited Percabeth reunion.


Oh. And the stare-down of the century between Annabeth and Reyna. (Really, I don’t like her very much. But I do feel a tad sorry for her that she’s got to handle the whole camp by herself. And her dogs are pretty cool.)

I wasn’t really excited when it came out though… the ending of Son of Neptune was amazing, but after a while of waiting for MoA, I kind of ended up forgetting about it and it took me around two months to finally pick up the book.


But, then again, I wasn’t really impressed about the Heroes of Olympus series. Team Leo’s great, I’m totally on board with the nymphs. But Jason and Piper just doesn’t do it for me, and to be honest, they haven’t really managed to snag a spot on my most memorable characters list. (Not that this list actually exists, but if it did, they wouldn’t even be close to hitting it)

Percy on the other hand…

Oh, Seaweed Brain!

Oh, Seaweed Brain!

There isn’t much to say about Mark of Athena, it’s just too full of spoilers.
Wait. One more.



I swear, Rick Riordan revels in seeing his loyal readers suffer year-long waits for the next installment.

I did hear though, through the Goodreads grapevine and one of my fellow bloggers, that Rick Riordan is planning to release a Norse Legends series.



That’s right. At this stage, there isn’t much info on his plan (except that he’s announced that it’s true.) but I found an absolutely noteworthy link on the Seven Things We’d Love to See in a North Mythology Series by Rick Riordan.

Oh, life’s great isn’t it?

Love always,

The Permanent Monday


3 thoughts on “The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

    • I’ve got a funny feeling Leo’s gonna end up with Reyna one of these days…it would solve two love triangles 😉

      • Nahh, Reyna’s a bit too serious. You’re right though, it would shut a lot of fangirls up XD

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