Why I Felt Like Burning My Book When I Saw The City of Bones Cast

Dear friends,

…I’m sorry my title says I want to burn my book but as much as all the sword swishing noises and the ninja clad Shadowhunters-in-action excite me…I feel the need to express my utter speechlessness-which rarely surfaces, regarding the casting of The Mortal Instruments.


This is why.

(For those of you who are unclear on the castings: http://www.nextmovie.com/blog/the-mortal-instruments-cast/)

*Any offense taken towards named actors and actresses are not deliberate I am sure they are great, talented people.

DILEMMA #1: Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace

Wait what. Jamie Campbell Bower? WHO IS THAT. Yeah guys, it’s the Volturi boy from Twilight and Johnny Depp’s assistant from Sweeney Todd. (You know, that guy with the incredibly high voice who sings to Johanna?)


Why I’m stupefied (do I really even need to explain?): He looks NOTHING like Jace, who is supposed to be boyish, sarcastic- but not sarcastic to the point where he looks dodgy (don’t forget Jamie was cast as Volturi as well), and has a strong athletic build.

Oh, if only Alex Pettyfer took up the role…


I’m not going to post a picture of Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace, because I’m still too mad that Cassandra Clare decided to replace the world’s favorite Shadowhunter as a stone-faced bloodsucker.


DILEMMA #2: Lily Collins as Clary

Yes, yes, she’s heart-wrenchingly, hair-tearingly, eye-poppingly gorgeous. But she’s missing the warrior part of warrior princess. She just seems too dainty to fight.

Also, the most distinct thing about Clary’s features was her freckles and red hair, making up her ‘raggedy ann doll’ look as stated in the first book when comparing Clary to her mother, but it is clear from the trailer that the make-up artists from the movie do not see an EVIDENT need to AT LEAST dye Lily’s hair red or make it curly or something.
Overall, there’s not much I need to say about Clary’s casting, but for the mental health of TMI readers worldwide, I sincerely hope that the make-up artists have a sudden epiphany before the showing of the movie.

DILEMMA #3: Godfrey Gao as Magnus Bane

Breathe. Just breathe. Calm. Take deeep breaths.

Scratch that.



Note to casting staff of TMI: Just because Malaysia is next to Indonesia doesn’t mean it’s okay to cast Godfrey Gao as Magnus Bane.

Those make-up artists better have stolen Rapunzel’s magic paintbrush…



For the sake of my mental health and the safety of these ignorant mundanes (as Jace would say it), I think it’s time to end this post before I accidentally turn some poor unfortunate soul into a rat.

Oh my god. And I haven’t even started on Cassandra Clare’s plan to write a sequel to TMI on Jem’s ancestor falling in love with her parabatai.

Another forbidden love…

Sound familiar?


Love always,

The Permanent Monday

P.S. Happy New Year everyone!


7 thoughts on “Why I Felt Like Burning My Book When I Saw The City of Bones Cast

  1. Wow did you just found out about this? Cassie was involved in the casting. It’s HER vision. She picked them because they fit her image of the characters. Jamie is exactly like Jace and fits the description – arrogant, sarcastic and vulnerable. Jace is slim and lean muscular. He’s still a teenager. Also Alex P didn’t give a shit about the role and also demanded money if they really wanted him. I’m glad we don’t have an actor who is shit anyway – how many successful films has he been in again? Jamie is a dedicated actor to the point where he did his own stunts, he knows all the runes off by heart and read the books to UNDERSTAND Jace. He loves the role. He has Jace’s lean muscles as well. Look at the set pics. Cassie said “He’s Jace in the real world”. She also wanted Clary to have darker red hair.

    The books are not about appearances. The characters are not one-dimensional. Their personality makes us love them the most. Jace is more than just looks. He’s a complex character, broken – you can see in the trailer he has a look of vulnerability. Jamie is the perfect Jace and you’re judging him based on Sweeney Todd and Twilight? – he has grown as an actor since then. You seem to have trouble separating actor and his characters. He has played a diverse range of characters.

    The crew looked for actors who can ACT, not just their looks. Movies are successful based on acting skills. I think the only mundane is you. Judging the cast before the movie is released. A true fan would understand that everyone has their own image and that filmmakers can’t please everyone – the crew and Cassie did give fans a chance to say who they wanted. A true fan would at least support or have faith in Cassie even if they disagree with the cast. A true fan would never say “why I felt like burning my books” – it shows how loyal you are.

    And that last bit about the new series. It’s about Jem’s descendant, not ancestor.

    • Dear nattyviki22,
      First of all, as said in my post I apologize for any offence taken from my review because I am sure the actors are great people and are talented at heart.
      BUT. I feel like I should defend my thoughts.
      For me, I feel like Jamie just doesn’t make the cut and he looks really off as Jace for what I pictured. I’m sorry if my imagination is dodgy. I hope you respect my opinions.
      Second of all, from what I heard (sorry if I have dodgy sources maybe you’d like to suggest ones that you use?) Alex Pettyfer didn’t want to take it up because he is 22 now, and feels that if he takes on a teenager role it will take a long time for him to get an adult role because once he signs the Mortal Instruments he’s got possibly 6 movies worth of being a teenager. And I think if you can judge Alex for being “a shit actor” I’m allowed to judge Jamie for being off for the role too.
      Also, I think it is unfair that you are comparing what I say to what the author says. Just because she wrote the book doesn’t she’s completely right. I mean, I think as a reader I’m permitted to have my own opinions too right?
      And congratulations to Jamie for being so dedicated- I sincerely hope he does a good job in the movie and proves my expectations wrong.
      Third, I guess I do have “trouble separating actor and his characters”…my drama is not good but as someone who read TMI and used to like it, I thought Jamie’s vibe just didn’t seem like Jace I imagined.
      Fourth, I think that their looks are also important because it helps us BELIEVE in the character/actor. If they don’t even look like the description in the book it’s going to be hard to watch.
      AND before you comment on my being “a true fan” please note that I have not been particularly pleased with the following books after the supposed ‘trilogy’ so I am no longer really a fan for TMI, I just thought that the casting was off. Again, I hope you respect my judgment and opinions. Even if I was still a fan, I would like to believe that Cassie would allow me to think whatever I think about her casting (I’m sure she values her readers’ judgment).
      Fifth, the mistake about the new series- whether or not it was Jem’s ancestor or descendent wasn’t the point about why I was annoyed at her choice, it was because the plot was just really too familiar, and I think it would just be better to start a new one if she wants more fans/readers/supporters. And anyways, it just goes to show how NOT a fan I am now.
      And again, sorry I got you so rattled over this but I think I should be allowed to review movies without being judged whether or not I am “a true fan”, because that really isn’t the point about reviewing things. At least for me it isn’t.
      I hope you understand.
      Love always,
      The Permanent Monday

      • Review movies before they even come out yet? The cast do fit the characters’ description. When was the last time you read the books? The important thing is that they keep the storyline and the actors can portray the characters – their personality has more emphasis than their looks.

        I don’t understand how people don’t want the story to continue. Her fans want to know more about the Shadowhunters. And what do we know about the sequel trilogy? Not much. And at the moment she’s writing something that isn’t related to TMI.

      • Well, obviously reviewing (including predictions/thoughts etc) whatever plans they have made so far.
        And I’m entitled to my own interpretation of the extent that the cast fit the characters’ description, and of course you are entitled to your own. Hence, you don’t have to listen to my point of view if you disagree with it so bad.
        I agree with you though- the key thing is that the actors can portray the characters and the director keeps the storyline. But their personality will only ever have more emphasis than their looks if they do a good job acting. Now, I’m not saying they are incapable actors, but from what I have seen in the trailer, Jamie playing Jace just doesn’t do it for me. I’m one of those people who think that they did a good job for The Hunger Games movie- it was EXACTLY how I imagined it. But the TMI trailer? Not so much. Call it dodgy imagination…call it ignorance. Whatever floats your boat. You are entitled to your judgment and I’m entitled to mine- it’s okay if what you think is different from me, and it’s okay if what I think is different from you.

        For the fourth and fifth book of TMI:
        I think she ended it really well in the third book- after Clary talked to the fey and when her and Jace were watching the fireworks. But when she continued the supposedly ended story in the fourth and fifth book, I felt like it wasn’t as good as the first three, which led to my disappointment in her choice to rekindle the plot. I do want to know more about the Shadowhunters, but she’s already got them in The Infernal Devices and TMI. She had pulled a similar forbidden love triangle in The Infernal Devices series, and I heard she was going to do the same and create another follow up series to TMI featuring Jem’s descendent and her parabatai, it only added oil to fire.
        I really hope she improves the plot for the rest of TMI though, because that’s the only one I will continue to read since I loved the original three books. It would be such a waste of good character and writing if she didn’t.
        She’s a good writer, but she’d get more fans if she tried a completely new plot for her new series. She’d get a wider audience and we’d get more stuff to read from her. 🙂 That’s always good- especially from Cassie. Maybe you understand where I’m coming from now?

      • So your judgments are based on a trailer, a teaser to be more accurate, that was made during the last days of filming and was released a week after filming was done? It’s not 100% perfect.

        I agree about her writing new material and having a wider audience but Cassie, like any author, is passionated about the world she created. She seems she still has a lot to tell us and sometimes you can’t fit everything you have in mind in the books – that’s how involved she is in her story and since many of her fans want more stories in the same universe, she wants to do it for them but also herself for enjoyment.

        And the love triangle in TMI was subtle compared to TID and the latter series is different – tho similiar characters but it’s only a reflection of their connection to the ones in TMI.

      • Being 100% is impossible.
        I still think that no matter how subtle the love triangle is, a love triangle is still a love triangle, and truth be told, I feel it’s a love-triangle-saturated market right now. If she enjoys it, I guess it’s good news for herself and the fans that want the story to continue. But for people who are thinking the same as me…it’d come off as a bad idea.

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